VetHP – Veterinary Hanging Protocols for Horos

Automatic Veterinary CT and MRI Image Orientation

Save Time, Read More Cases

If you read veterinary CT and MRI images, you know that the images are always oriented for bipeds. For example, on a sagittal MR image, the nose of the animal is always pointing at the top of the screen, when we would prefer to see it pointing to the left in quadruped orientation. It takes time to orient each series to the proper plane, and takes your attention away from reading the case.

VetHP Reorients CT and MRI Series Automatically

Here’s a solution that will give you that time back by automating repetitive image reorientation. VetHP (Veterinary Hanging Protocol), does all the work for you. When you open up a study, your CT and MRI series will be oriented exactly the way you want them.

  • Dorsal (Posterior) at the top of the image for transverse series
  • Rostral/Cranial (Superior) at the left of the image and dorsal at the top for sagittal series
  • Rostral/Cranial (Superior) at the top of the image for dorsal series
  • Choice of Left or Right at the left of the image

New – vetHP now orients in the 3D MPR viewer!

VetHP Saves Time—Every Day

This plugin has made an enormous difference to me when reading cases from different clinics. I would estimate that I save a considerable amount of time (possibly in the region of 30 – 45 minutes overall) during the day because the automatic orientation means that I no longer have to constantly adjust images. I have been using it for about a month now and there is no way that I would go back!  Thank you very much for creating this for veterinary cases- we finally have the same easy hanging protocols as our human medical counterparts!

Victoria Johnson BVSc DVR DipECVDI MRCVS
RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Diagnostic ImagingDirector, VetCT

Make Instant Dorsal And Sagittal Reformats

VetHP works on the 2D viewer, as well as the orientation buttons on your toolbar. That means that any series you open up will be oriented correctly. And, for CT images, you can create instant sagittal or dorsal reformats of the series, all with the veterinary orientation. This is a super quick way to look at anatomy in multiple planes.

VetHP Even Saves Time For Power Users

It doesn’t seem like you spend much time reorienting images, even if you are a power user who is handy with the keyboard shortcuts and doesn’t even think about them anymore. But once you try vetHP, you’ll notice the difference. The image orientation just works. No thought required, freeing your mind to look at the images and concentrate on interpretation.

I really didn’t think I needed vetHP, because I know all the keyboard shortcuts I need to quickly reorient my images in Horos. Once I’d installed it I realized I was wrong. Now Horos just works right, the way it always should have!

Rob McLear, VMD, DA
Director, PetRad LLC

Will It Work On Spine MRI Images?

VetHP works beautifully to reorient your spine series with the nose to the left on sagittal images, and the nose to the top of the screen for dorsal plane images.

I have installed the Horos plugin vetHP effortlessly. The plug in works in the background automatically. I have tested it on CT and MRI imaging studies  and it works really well.  All studies are now hung according to the veterinary radiology guidelines, which is patient left to image right, including sagittal spine images.  I am very happy with this plugin!

Tobias Schwarz
MA Dr. med. vet. Dip
ECVDI President

Get VetHP For Yourself Or Your Practice Today

  • No more fiddling with the rotate, flip horizontally, and flip vertically buttons.
  • Save time rearranging your images, and shorten your workday, or read some extra studies.
  • This plugin will earn its keep the first day you use it.
  • Licenses to run vetHP are available for single users, and larger groups.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

The plugin is absolutely brilliant ! There is no doubt that it saves time in the long run, the best of it is that it does enhance the comfort of reporting as it becomes so tedious to constantly orientate series the proper way.

The studies I find it the most useful are :

* MRI in general as there is generally more series to look at : as you need to flick through several series repeatedly for comparison

* CT of Head, thorax, abdomen

Julien Labruyère DVM
RCVS and European
Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
Director, VetCT

Improve Your Workflow Viewing CT and MRI Images


VetHP is going to change the way you read images, by freeing you of repetitively reorienting your CT and MRI images to veterinary preferences. You won’t know how much of a difference it makes until you try it yourself. Take advantage of our money back guarantee and download it today.