Install or update vetHP

Install vetHP for Horos

  • Install version vetHP2.1.7.horosplugin for all versions of Horos
  • Download the zip file from your purchase email (valid for 1 week after purchase).
  • Unzip the file with your utility application. Do not double click on the file to use its installer.
  • Quit Horos.
  • Go to user/library/application support/horos/plugins
  • Drop the unzipped file into the plugins folder (do not use the installer).
  • Restart Horos
  • Open a study
  • Go to format/customize toolbar or right click on the toolbar, and drag the icon into the toolbar.
  • Click on icon to set preferences

Updating for Mac Catalina OS 10.15

VetHP 2.1.7 works with Catalina (OS 10.15) and Horos up to version 3.3. Users have reported security issues as described below.

OSX Catalina provides some security blockades for unknown publishers including Lucent Media. You may see the error message “vetHP.osirixplugin” Cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

Please visit for troubleshooting this issue. We suggest re-installing the plugin if it has been removed from Horos through security settings. Please email us at to reactivate your download link if you have not saved a copy. Follow the installation instructions above.

Other possible issues that have not been resolved include

  • Plugin not appearing in plugin list

Please email us with detailed reports of other issues. Our investigations so far suggest the problem is with Catalina, not with the plugin itself.

Osirix Version 10

The update to Osirix version 10 caused an irreversible split in the code shared between Horos and Osirix. You will now need a separate version of the plugin to install and use with Osirix or Osirix Lite. This mainly affects imaging orientation in the 3D MPR viewer. Please email us if you purchased vetHP prior to 2020 and need an updated copy.